City of Tshwane outsourcing its powers and functions to vigilante groups.

18 March 2022

City of Tshwane outsourcing its powers and functions to vigilante groups.

The South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) has noted with concern a statement issued by AfriForum dated 16 March 2022 in which they allege that they are working jointly with the Tshwane Metro Police Department after the MMC for Community Services in the City of Tshwane Cllr Grandi Theunissen had approached them for assistance.

Further to that, MMC Theunissen stated on 17 March 2022 acknowledging the support of some vigilante organisations. We understand AfriForum as an organisation that mobilises Afrikaans speaking people while the majority of the views this organisation as hostile, anti-black and seeking to reverse gains made since 1994.

Our primary concern is that the City has been holding operational meetings with Afriforum, to an extent that Tshwane Metro Police are forced to take instructions from the paramilitary wing of AfriForum with the blessing of senior managers who gave been instructed by the administration, in particular, Cllr Theunissen to do so.

Essentially, the City has taken a conscious decision to outsource its powers and functions to the paramilitary group which also doubles up as a vigilante group.

In their quest to capture the City, the political leadership has been having secret meetings which have since resolved that a certain security company be appointed with the Chief of Police being tasked with writing motivation for the appointment of the said company. The appointment of this company which the Acting City Manager is being pressured to appoint will cost the City over R230 000 per day.

The very same meetings have resolved that the leadership of SAMWU in the region is problematic and that steps must be taken to dismiss them. Not only is this political interference in the administration of the City but also a move to sow labour instability in the City. Workers will not fold their arms when union leaders, their first line of defence are being systematically targeted to surgically remove them from the City.

SAMWU, therefore, calls on Metro Police to remain loyal to the oath that they took and refuse any intention to be co-opted in vigilantism.

Metro Police Officers have no obligation to cooperate with this paramilitary group. We further call on the DA-led Coalition government to refrain from actions that seek to antagonise workers and residents of the City of Tshwane.

It is unfortunate that the Executive Mayor, Randall Williams is no longer in charge of the City and has outsourced such to the white cabal. Tshwane Metro Police is also becoming the nest of the said group of white supremacists.

Issued by SAMWU Tshwane Region

Mpho Tladinyane
Regional Secretary
(083 941 5888)


Valentine Matlala
Deputy Regional Secretary
(084 465 5598)