KZN Human Settlement MEC’s attack on municipal workers is an attempt to self-cleansing for guilt over dismissal of 223 workers.

12 October 2022

KZN Human Settlement MEC’s attack on municipal workers is an attempt to self-cleansing for guilt over dismissal of 223 workers.

The South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) in the KZN province has learnt with agitation comments made by the MEC for Human Settlements, Nthuthuto Mahlaba during a government event. Mahlaba who is also the ANC KZN Provincial Treasurer was responsible for dismissing over 223 employees at the Newcastle Local Municipality when he was mayor at that institution.

In the government event which Mahlaba addressed, he alleges that municipal workers at Newcastle Local Municipality were dismissed for abusing overtime provisions, he further says that workers at the municipality were operating with impunity. Contrary to the lies that are self-serving for Mahlaba, these workers were according to the charge sheet, dismissed for throwing one stone at Mahlaba.

Mahlaba in his vindictiveness sought to, and ultimately dismissed 223 employees which he charged for allegedly throwing that one stone at him in November 2019. As SAMWU we have always wondered the size of the stone that was thrown at Mahlaba for it to require all 230 employees to pick up and throw at him. We are however not surprised that Mahlaba is now fabricating a new charge which never existed, we know Mahlaba to be a perpetual liar who will say anything to save himself and his political career, regardless of those he harms in the process.

We have always known that Mahlaba never had the interest of workers at heart, he pursued all 223 employees and ensured that they are relegated to poverty and starvation despite him not suffering any personal injury or being able to identify which of the workers threw a stone at his as alleged. This is the same individual who refused many attempts made by the union, trade union federation COSATU, the SACP and his own party, the ANC that these employees be reinstated.

Now that these workers have been reinstated by the new administration at the Newcastle Local Municipality, Mahlaba feels the need to cleanse himself for the sins that he has committed against workers and their families. Mahlaba should be ashamed of himself for the trials and tribulations that he brought against these workers. It is for this reason that as SAMWU, we welcome the decision taken by workers to not allow Mahlaba to address them when they recently delivered a memorandum of demands to the KZN government offices.

As SAMWU, we appreciate the work that was done by COSATU, the SACP and ourselves in ensuring that these workers return to work. For reasons known to himself alone, Mahlaba seemingly cannot accept that these workers were returned to work against his wishes. For us, Mahlaba is a vindictive individual who hates workers and the working class. We are however not surprised by his anger management issues, we wish that he can attend to his additions so he can focus on the task that he has as the Human Settlements MEC in KZN. The people of this province deserve better than this.

Issued by SAMWU KZN

Nokubonga Dinga
Provincial Secretary
065 871 8434


Xolani Shinga
Deputy Provincial Secretary
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