SAMWU condemns utterances by self-appointed social media spokesperson Henk Opperman

01 September 2022

SAMWU condemns utterances by self-appointed social media spokesperson Henk Opperman

The South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) in the Northern Cape has noted with disgust and outrage the utterances by Democratic Alliance Councillor at the David Kruiper Local Municipality. Councillor Opperham who has now appointed himself as the social media spokesperson of the municipality has not only brought the reputation of municipal workers in the municipality but has further sought to discuss issues of workers as though he is a Human Resource practitioner or the spokesperson of the municipality.

As SAMWU, we condemn the false accusations on social media platforms pulled by this attention-seeking Councillor in the interest of the DA. What he published through his personal social media page in relation to internal governance affairs of the municipality are in contravention with the Local Labor Forum (LLF), Terms of Reference including the POPI Act which sets out the minimum standards regarding accessing and processing of any personal information belonging to our members.

We call on Henk Opperman to stop tarnishing the good name of our members and for bringing the Dawid Kruiper Municipality in to disrepute. If the DA wishes to table a motion to Council, they should follow due Council processes and refrain from attacking any employee of DKM on social media. We will not tolerate this apartheid type of style in resolving issues of DKM. Our members have rights that’s duly protected and as responsible and law-abiding citizens we call on all involved respect it.

We will however not let political arrogance interfere with the business of David Kruiper Municipality. As SAMWU, we call on the Speaker of DKM to call Henk Opperman to order if he is a councillor of DKM. We further call on the Speaker to remind Henk Opperman of his Code of Conduct he signed as a public representative and that he should stop being the self-appointed Spokesperson of the Municipality.

As for the issue regarding our members, the union has taken a decision to defend the workers as evidence shows that the court order was obtained without these workers’ involvement nor were they cited in the draft order nor the final order of the Labour Court. In the interest of our members, we will be taking the matter on review to ensure that our members are heard and that their interests are protected.

An injury to one is an injury to all. Let’s protect workers’ rights.

Issued by SAMWU Northern Cape

Lawrence Fennie
Provincial Secretary
071 889 2023


Thobeka Mthinthelwa
Deputy Provincial Secretary
076 329 8860