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SAMWU Scores Another Victory Against Another ill Guided Mamusa Local Municipality

31 October 2018 / Press Statement

SAMWU has always and complied with provisions of SALGBC Agreements which Mamusa Local Municipality including most of North-West Municipalities if not around the country have tendency to totally disregard agreements which they are party to them. 

It is quite clear that strategy it has nothing to do with sound Labour Relations but to continue looting municipal resources through appointing lawyers even when they are barred to appear during tribunal. We cannot over emphasise this kind of treatment is spearheaded by Political Deployees whom we expect much from them while we share same ideological stance.  

While we continue to register victories for our members, we also plead to authorities to look deeper to this kind of labour practice and push that all financials incurred during municipal cases officials and councilors involved directly and indirectly in terms of oversight should be held liable.

For those who are blinded by fallacy from their political principals that SAMWU is ineffective, SAMWU urges you to do self introspection do the right thing to abort narrative that politicians will defend you when law takes cause against yourself. It is during this time and period of your work to join SAMWU to defend and champion interest of workers cause you have nothing to lose but chains.

In respect of the above, we urge members to share and invite members to like our page to be kept abreast with developments while we are planning two Provincial Marches against two hardened municipalities.

Viva SAMWU Viva

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Vincent Diphoko 
SAMWU Provincial Secretary
+27 (83) 580-8815


Vanguard Mokwena
SAMWU Deputy Provincial Secretary
+27 (73) 363-3155