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SAMWU Statement on the Current Situation in Buffalo City

27 November 2018

The South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) in the Buffalo City would like like to set the record straight that union, it's leadership and its entire membership never sanctioned or agreed on any action that would undermine Labour Relation Act of 1996 that we fought so hard in many fronts of our struggles since the dawn of our democracy.

We also want to put it clear that the management of BCMM has taken a stance to shift the blame to our union; as a result they issued a court order in our offices on what is happening in the City.

These allegations undermine the spirit of our engagements on the last Local Labour Forum meeting that was held on the 21 November 2018, where we placed on the record that SAMWU was not on strike.

SAMWU Planned strike

As the union we are quite clear on the rules of engagements in relation to strike or mass action. However, it is true that we are preparing for an indefinite strike through CCMA; the matter has been scheduled for the 28 November 2018 at CMMA office at 11h30.

The upcoming strike is as result of deadlock between us as the Union and the employer representative on the following issues:

  • Failure of the employer to implement an agreement that was signed by all parties on the 28 April 2016 which was facilitated by commissioners appointed by CMMA at the time. The agreement talks to the implementation of Job Evaluation that the first (1) date of implementation is the 1st July 2017 but until to date nothing has been implemented.
  • Failure of the employer to pay bonus on salary 2 which was negotiated last year in March 2017 in the Local Labour Forum.
  • And there are many issues that the employer failed to deliver including the firing or resignation of the current City Manager for non-compliance, inability to bring stability and hold administration accountable.

As SAMWU we are prepared to withhold the intention to go to blow-up strike once the employer comes to its senses in addressing our issues.

Destruction of Municipal Building, burning of the city and many other illegal activities

As South African Municipal Workers Union, we would like to distance ourselves from these acts of hooliganism, thuggery and criminal acts. We further condemn these kinds of acts that undermine the rights of our people as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

We wish to inform the public of BCMM that it is within our best interest and commitment to participate in bringing about stability and normalization of the current situation like any other social, interest groups and political parties.

Issued by SAMWU Buffalo City
Zolani Ndlela
Regional Secretary
078 828 0348