SAMWU Demands Immediate Payment of Salaries at Tswaing Municipality

29 November 2917

SAMWU Demands Immediate Payment of Salaries at Tswaing Municipality

The South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) is appalled by conduct and character of Senior Management regarding the breach of primary employment relationship. We cannot over emphasise the type of relationship between Employer and Employee, however we are in state of shock that Tswaing Local Municipality despite employees submitted themselves to management and maintain trust and loyalty towards the employer but then Senior Management opt to totally disregard the binding contract that employees will serve interest of employer while again employer is bound to pay salaries on the 25th of every month.

Strictly speaking, Tswaing Local Municipality seek to provoke violent industrial action since matter is aggregated by the fact that Senior Management did not see the importance of Special Local Labour Forum to highlight challenges confronting it’s financial status and collectively opt for possible solutions than to leave employees in the dark.

As a consequence of this fall out of labour relationship, SAMWU is in difficult position to take responsibility of what could happen as of now and coming if management act in this particular fashion. We have been sympathetic towards this ANC led Municipality for too long and we want to caution management that hell will break loose if there is no immediate payment to salaries.

Notwithstanding the above sentiment, we will employ a process of legislative requirement to arrive to satisfactory justice but also we are mindful that also community will bear the heat of the consequences because of the recklessness of management if not individuals whom they they think they can do as they wish.

For some time, employer has not been able to pay third parties and such has serious consequences on employees personal policies. SAMWU as an COSATU affiliate which is allied to ruling party cannot afford to lose members primarily of abortions by management and further there is no consequence management. We are gatvol of this patterns and such needs to be confronted by zeal and necessary applications to end this kind of democratic backdrop.

Tswaing Local Municipality again, has failed on its constitutional provisions where employees offered their labour in exchange for payment in form of wage. It is in this regard that SAMWU will consider mobilisation of communities as the constitution provides that MEC and Ministers of Local Government must consider Section 139 as a measure to restore confidence of both employees and communities.

Issued by SAMWU North West Province

Vincent Diphoko
Provincial Secretary
083 580 8815