SAMWU signs benchmarking agreement with City of Tshwane.

13 AUGUST 2020

SAMWU signs benchmarking agreement with City of Tshwane.

The South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) today signed an addendum to the Benchmarking Collective Agreement that seeks to address impasse between SAMWU and employer over the last three weeks. It is unfortunate that we have to arrive at this point in the history of collective bargaining in Tshwane Division. It has never happened that our employer renege on a signed collective agreement.

Members are informed that this battle was fought under difficult material conditions such as COVID 19, interference by National Treasury on collective bargaining, intimidation by those in leadership positions and PPE related corruption. This is not the best that we had wanted for our members but however have considered material conditions on the ground and settled for the following:

2017/18 payments

We could not agree on the 14th August 2020 payments and finally parties agreed on 26 August 2020.

2018/19 payments

On or before 26 December 2020. Understanding is that if we realize savings from employee verification starting on 26 August 2020 and intensive debt collection payments might be earlier

Recall of employees to work

Recall of workers should be dealt with in terms of schedule/rotation plan approved by the COVID 19 Tactical Committee meeting. Shopstewards are advised to ask for approval letter signed by Compliance officer and GSO.

In pursuit of addressing other outstanding issues, SAMWU has since requested an urgent meeting of the Benchmarking Task Team meeting on Friday, 14 August 2020. This meeting is intended to deal with all outstanding matters including the following

Group Heads and Divisional Heads:

The 18% chapter should be closed in line with clause 9.8 of the benchmarking collective agreement and that they be migrated to TASK. Proposal on the table was movement to TASK 21 and 22

Contract workers

Intention is to ensure that they are paid at the correct scale like permanent employees and that they are migrated to TASK

Revenue Agents

This comrades were not on correct Patterson scales in 2017. Our position is that this comrades should be dealt with similar to Rapid Response as at 2017

TMPD constables

There are about 1100 TMPD Constable iii who were on wrong grading and such was cured by the SALGBC award. Our position is that the correct scale be utilized and they be migrated to TASK as per award on constable/sergeant

We will also want to indicate to members that post payment on 26 August 2020 workers should prepare themselves to engage on underpayments and overpayments. Employer should with immediate effect indicate who was overpaid and also those underpaid. Those overpaid must be able to enter into an agreement on how they will pay back the money.

SAMWU is not like an elephant that is not aware of its strength. Irrespective of being sabotaged, victimized and others conniving we were able to pull through. Through your strength and commitment we have achieved the following in the last three weeks

Payment of 6.25% salary increase
Migration to TASK on 26 August 2020
Payment of 2017/18 outstanding monies on 26 August 2020

In conclusion we have realized that going forward things will not be easy noting that we are now on our own. When we started 18% and benchmarking battle IMATU told their members that we were mad and will not win and we have proven to all employees that we don’t start a battle we will not win. All employees irrespective of union membership benefited from our sweat. This therefore shows that others are a parasitic entity. It can’t be correct that others will tell us that the City has no money as if they are an extension of the employer

We must go back reflect and device new strategies on how to fight battles going ahead. Noting that the City has pleaded poverty and declared moratorium on recruitment, SAMWU will be writing to the Acting City Manager demanding that the advertised posts in the office of lead administrator be withdrawn

Never try to destroy someone’s life with a lie when yours can be destroyed by the truth.

Issued by SAMWU Tshwane Region

Mpho Tladinyane
Regional Secretary
083 941 5888


Valentine Matlala
Deputy Regional Secretary
084 465 5598