SAMWU disappointed by ANC NEC resolution on Limpopo duo

03 July 2020

SAMWU disappointed by ANC NEC resolution on Limpopo duo

The South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) is pained and overly disappointed by the latest ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) decision to reinstate its leaders in Limpopo who were fingered in the VBS debacle that collapsed that bank, looted municipal coffers, caused irreparable financial loss to depositors and investors and having brought the name and integrity of the ANC into disrepute in both Cde Danny Msiza and Cde Florence Radzilani.

The ANC’s 54th national conference noted the following observations within the context of organisational renewal as well as ANC credibility and integrity

1. That the lack of integrity perceived by the public has seriously damaged the ANC image, the people’s trust in the ANC, our ability to occupy the moral high ground, and our position as leader of society.
2. That current leadership structures seem helpless to arrest these practices, either because they lack the means or the will, or are themselves held hostage by them.
3. At times we do things that are not according to ANC or government policy, or not legal or constitutional and wait for courts to correct our actions

SAMWU feels that this decision is at variance with the above observations that necessitated the ANC conference to resolve that comrades who are accused of or reported to be involved in corrupt practices are summarily suspended and or voluntarily step aside.

The ANC resolution for cadres to either be suspended and or to voluntarily step aside did not include a limitation imposed by the NEC about the length of time. It is also strange that the ANC NEC premised this decision on lack of action by its (ANC government) law enforcement agencies on the back of much publicised arrests of VBS 8 (Eight) plus 1 (One) Municipal Senior official which confirms an organisation unwilling, helpless and or held hostage by corrupt individuals within.

The ANC cannot fail to implement its organisational renewal policy and blame its own government as a consequence because this touches the very basis of effectiveness of the cadre deployment policy that must be enhanced to assist the ANC government to implement policy.

SAMWU as an affiliate of COSATU which is a dependable ally of the ANC has lost two of its Provincial leaders in Limpopo in Comrade Ronald Mani and Comrade Timson Musetsho to forces of darkness whilst ferociously campaigning for the isolation by the ANC and society, those involved in municipal corruption related to dubious VBS investments and wish to assert that no amount of blackmailing will deter us from speaking against this insensitive decision by the ANC NEC.

The saddest thing is that the 54th ANC conference declaration commits to the people of South African that ANC shall isolate and root out corrupt tendencies in public and private sector whilst recent Auditor General report also confirms the impact of R1,2 Billion lost by municipalities to VBS as a service delivery concern.

The ANC is a guardian of revolutionary morality and ethos and ought to have known better that organic tenets of democratic centralism confirms that the decision of the higher structures binds the lower structures but for higher structures to take decision, they must consult and be informed by the lower structures. The ANC cannot take such a big decision and consult afterwards because it makes a mockery of our organic understanding of democratic centralism.

SAMWU calls on all South Africans particularly the working class to work together and built a broad front to campaign against this class collaborationist decision and revolutionary setback.

Issued by SAMWU Secretariat

Koena Ramotlou
General Secretary
(073 254 9394)


Dumisane Magagula
Deputy General Secretary
(084 806 4005)


Papikie Mohale
National Media Officer
(073 710 0356)