SAMWU memorandum of demands as presented to the Ga-Segonyana Local Municipality in Kuruman

07 May 2021

SAMWU memorandum of demands as presented to the Ga-Segonyana Local Municipality in Kuruman


As workers mobilised under the Banner of South African Municipal Workers Union, duly committed to the advancement of workers interests and rights, connected by the hardships and atrocities levelled by the employers and defenders of Capital Monopoly and Carnage.

Herein resolve on an industrial action to further advance the course of the Mass Democratic Movement, also recognising the critical role workers have in the struggles of society at large.


Over a period of time SAMWU has observed a number of issues which continues to raise serious concerns on the side of the workers, but also demonstrated how the employer ignores and in some instances disrespects the interests of the workers.

Even during this difficult time of COVID19, the employer failed to take note of key protocols in mitigating against the risks posed by this deadly virus. Workers had to and are still mobilising to remind the employer of the role they need to assume in protecting the lives of workers. SAMWU will continue to form part of any action by workers generally, which will push the employer into doing what is right and not gamble with the lives of its members and the community at large.

SAMWU condemns strongly instances of….

 Lack of proper COVID 19 Management systems, including effective means of risk mitigation.
 Unfair labour practices that its members gets to be subjected to by representative of the employer and some supervisors.
 Nepotism and Undue Appointments, mostly favouring those connected to the Mayor and the Municipal Manager.
 Disparities in Salaries, it remains unknown as to what measures are taken or noted in the decisions for increment of salaries for some employees.
 Heavy Handling, almost to a point of intimidation by some Managers and Supervisors.

SAMWU further note with regret the…

• Broken relations and trust deficit between the Mayor and the Union as a political head of the Institution, this unfortunate occurrence continues to be a wedge driver and deters the Mayor from providing effective political guidance and oversight.
• The Long list of workers who are still on Contract, even after years of employ with the Municipality, especially those nearing their pension age.
• Situation of workers subjected to dangerous work environments without proper Protective Clothing and Equipment.
• Funded Positions – Vacancies in the Municipality which management takes forever to advertise and fill, especially given the levels of unemployment in our communities.
• Key Projects that remain incomplete in communities, Seven Mile Road – Mothibistad Sports Complex and others. The completion of these projects will contribute to the lives of workers and the community.
• Suspected Mischievous and some unscrupulous dealings between some service providers and key personnel in the municipal employ, including but not limited to the Mayor and the Municipal Manager.

It is in light of this that SAMWU has decided to embark on the industrial action as the employer has failed to take the Union into confidence on a number of issues but also to use the sanctioned platforms and resolve the issues. The Union is beginning to lose confidence in these and given the attitude of the employer it is increasingly becoming evident that the distance between the employer and workers will only widen.

List of Demands

 Immediate reinstatement of the Branch Chair of SAMWU to his work post.
 Immediate Suspension of the Municipal Manager and removal of the Mayor, to allow for a forensic investigation into the financial affairs of the local municipality, especially on some procurement decisions including the latest fleet management contract.
 Further demand that Council must encourage both the Mayor and MM to voluntarily undertake a Lifestyle Audit perhaps that will inspire other leaders as well as a positive step to pursue integrity and good principles for those holding public offices.
 Immediate Political intervention of the ANC in the region and Province, given its strategic relations and alliance with SAMWU and the nature of some matters or concerns.
 Finalisation of the Risk & Danger Allowance Policy and approval by council.
 R3500 Covid allowance for all workers.
 Proper reconciliation of protective clothing and equipments allocated and immediate procurement to cover the balance of those still subjected to work without such.
 Council to sign off an absorption plan of all contract workers as full time employees
 A report on the disparities of Salaries and detailed plan on how this will be ratified.
 Advertisement and filling of all funded posts as per the approved Organogram.


SAMWU encourages the employer to favourably respond to the demands within five (5) working days given the severity of some of the issues mentioned and also noting the historical reference on most if not all the issues herein.

Issued by SAMWU Kim Kuru Region

Mmabatho Fatimah
Regional Secretary
060 963 6297