28 September 2023


The South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU), Limpopo province, has noted with concern the attachment of various movable items by the sheriff of the High Court following a writ of execution by a certain Mamoloko service provider. This is due to serious allegations of nonpayment and overpayment on one end, with debt to SARS being thrown into the mix by the municipality to muddy the waters.

SAMWU is on record indicating that the administration-led Municipal Manager, Morris Maluleka, who was appointed through a dubious, questionable, and illegitimate process, would mess up the institution, and nobody cared to listen. SAMWU was rewarded with suspension and charging of its leaders and members for raising these issues. Today, a clearer picture is emerging, and many skeletons will still tumble out of the closet in this municipality.

SAMWU Limpopo is particularly concerned about service delivery, as working equipment for workers such as computers, desks, cabinets, and a host of vehicles, comprising no fewer than 100 items, has been seized. These items will be sold in a public auction tomorrow morning on the 29th of September 2023, confirming a serious breach of fiduciary responsibility or duty of care by the Municipal administration led by Municipal Manager Morris Maluleka.

SAMWU will continue to mobilize its members and the community at large to stand up and defend their Municipality against the one-man wrecking ball, Mr. Morris Maluleka. SAMWU will not tire to ensure the implementation of a judgment that rendered his appointment irregular, in remembrance of the pain our shop stewards endured when they were suspended, intimidated, arrested, and harassed for defending their workspace.

SAMWU will, based on this latest development, focus its attention on the role of the MEC for Local Government in Limpopo, who may have enabled an omission or commission of such a serious violation of the rights of the citizens of Mogalakwena to go on for such a long time without intervening as required by law.

However, SAMWU wishes to reiterate its commitment to work very hard to assist all ailing municipalities by making sure that we restore order and normalcy in the municipal environment in service of the working class and the communities we serve. We also aim to ensure that the former Municipal Manager of Mogalakwena is never appointed anywhere in the Republic.

Issued by SAMWU Limpopo

Patrick Aphane
Provincial Secretary